Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Nevaeh!

Meet Nevaeh!

At 9 years old, Nevaeh is one of our youngest faces on the farm! Nevaeh, who lives across the street from the farm, visits multiple times each week to participate in our LEAF after-school program. “I like all the people here, and the food is good!” she says. During LEAF, Nevaeh has learned about planting, environmental science, harvesting, and whole foods cooking — getting hands on experience along the way!

Today at the Farm Stand...

Its Thursday! That means its Farm Stand day! Stop by to pick up some of our delicious and fresh offerings.

Today we'll have: radishes, turnips, beets, rainbow chard, collard greens, mustard greens, lettuce, asian greens, arugula, and more!

On the farm, 3-6pm.

Unsure what to make with mustard greens? Try this recipe, which would be great even without the sausage for a vegetarian entree:

Be A Farm Volunteer

groupCome be a part of your community and get out in nature, right in the city by volunteering on the farm. We welcome interested individuals to join us during our open hours to volunteer on the farm as a Drop-In Volunteer.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Ron and Tony!

Ron and Tony

Ron and Tony just might have one of the most interesting viewpoints of the farm: as Property Managers for the DC Housing Authority working at the nearby Kelley Miller apartments, Ron and Tony often enjoy looking at the farm from the rooftop! “It's beautiful!” Tony says, “I love looking over and seeing it, how it's all organized in rows.” “It really looks nice from the top of the building,” Ron agrees. They both appreciate the beauty, and the delicious vegetables, that the farm adds to the community.

Farm Stand today 3-6pm!

We mustache you a question.... Have you heard about our Farm Stand, on the farm 3-6pm every Thursday? Lettuce serve you delicious fruits and vengetables! We hope you turn-ip!

Turnips, beets, lettuce, chard, arugula, collards, and more! Come and get 'em!

Grated Raw Beet Salad
Adapted from The New York Times

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Scott!

Meet Scott!

Rain or shine, we can depend on Scott coming to our weekly Farm Stand. Scott has been a farm “regular” since we launched our Stand last year, and always comes ready to snap a picture of our produce and “tweet” his finds out to his large Twitter following— something we appreciate very much!

Farm Stand today 3-6pm, weather permitting

Weather permitting, we will still be having our weekly Farm Stand today from 3-6pm!
Our bounty of delicious vegetables will include heirloom head lettuce, beets, turnips, rainbow chard, mustard greens, arugula, collard greens, and a variety of herbs. We accept cash, credit, and EBT. Stop by the farm to pick up some of our harvest! Check out the recipe below for a delicious seasonal salad using our vegetables!
Please check our Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on our Farm Stand. We will send out an announcement if we decide to postpone due to rain.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Madison!

Madison and some huge Collards!

Meet Madison!
Madison hasn’t been at Common Good City Farm for long, but has already made lots of friends with our volunteers and neighbors! Madison, an 18 year old senior from a boarding school in Virginia, is spending the month of May as an intern for CGCF. Seniors at her high school are required spend their last month of school working at nearby organizations in order to graduate. Madison chose to do her “Washington Project” at Common Good City Farm after visiting the farm last year as part of a science trip.

Stop by our first Farm Stand of the season!

Farm Kitty at a Farm Stand last year

Today is a great day, the first day this year we will be setting up our Farm Stand! Come stop by the farm between 3-6pm and check out the seasonal veggies we will have for sale. Spring means lots of greens, and today we will have huge collard greens, beautiful speckled heirloom lettuce, colorful swiss chard, arugula, and a bounty of herbs.

The stand will accept cash, credit, and SNAP today.

Faces of the Farm ~ Meet Adam!

Adam near his flower garden

Meet Adam!
Have you noticed a recent burst of color from newly planted flowers at Common Good City Farm? Likely, those flowers were planted by our volunteer Adam. Adam, who moved from Michigan to DC ten months ago, is affectionately known as our “flower guy” and has taken it as his personal mission to plant and grow flowers all around the farm.


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